New Facebook Group: Subaru Info Tech Club

Hi Everyone,

This past year has been extremely busy. So much has happened with the subie. I can’t wait to share all the new installs such as the Group N engine mounts and transmission mount, steering rack brace, bushings, and more. I hope to get the images in order before I can post them.

My good friend Daniel also picked up a 2015 Launch Edition STI. I’ve been trying to help him install a new turboback system from Nameless.

Last but not least for now, I created a Subaru Info Tech Club group on Facebook. I hope to get more people in the IT and Engineering industries who owns subarus to come together to share daily problems, current projects, and or subie related. If you are in the industry, please click on the link below and join the group. Don’t forget to suscribe to this blog as well. Thank you.




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