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Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings Review and Install

Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings


In this new post, I will discuss the Cusco Steering Rack and Super Pro Bushings installation. I purchased this combo from SMY Performance who always provide the best prices compared to other competitors. A big thank you to Yanev as usual.

Before we start on the install, lets talk about what the benefits are of having these aftermarket products.

Cusco vs OEM


The Cusco Power Steering Rack Brace Subaru is a direct replacement of the stock OEM unit specifically designed for the vehicle by Cusco. The Cusco brace is much stronger compared to the OEM unit and will improve the steering response of the vehicle, moreover will also prevent unwanted steering backlash to the steering rack.

What this means is that you get a tighter and firmer steering response, less vibration to the steering wheel, and prevent unwanted horizontal movement in the front steering rack and cross member area. This will assist with better overall control of the car. You will feel an immediate difference once installed.

Cusco vs OEM 3


Cusco vs OEM 2From the images above, you can tell the brace is slightly thicker than OEM, ridigity is much stronger, and comes in the coated classic Cusco blue.

While you’re under the car swapping out the steering rack brace, it is also a good idea to change the bushings as well. I chose to go with the Super Pro polyurethane bushings as the company offers a lifetime warranty on all of their products and performs well under harsh conditions.


This kit has been proven to dramatically improve the handling and feel of the car. By replacing the original rubber mountings with the specially designed polyurethane mounts, you can dramatically increase the feedback from the road through the steering, giving a more involving, informative, and safer driving vehicle. One of the things that draws enthusiasts to a given car is it’s dynamic feedback.  This part is small and inexpensive, but helps transform the steering feel in the car providing a much better read on what the front tires are doing from behind the wheel.

I followed the installation instructions from this link:

It was very thorough with the removal of parts and installation. Once everything is installed, test out the alignment by driving around. It should not be effected by the install but may adjust the alignment slightly. You will immediately feel the difference of turn ratio and firmness. I believe for less than two hundred dollars, this is a great inexpensive upgrade that everyone should perform. As far as difficulty, I would give this 2.5 out of 5. It can be achieved with jackstands, ramps, and or home lifts. Otherwise, take your car to the mechanic and have them put it on the lift. It would be easier to see the components along with the removal of the crossmember brace.

This is what the steering rack and bushings look like once installed.

Cusco Steering Rack Installed Super Pro steering rack bushings


***On a side note, since the crossmember brace is removed for access to the steering rack and bushings, you might as well install the crossmember bushings. You can check out the product here:

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Hi Everyone,

This past year has been extremely busy. So much has happened with the subie. I can’t wait to share all the new installs such as the Group N engine mounts and transmission mount, steering rack brace, bushings, and more. I hope to get the images in order before I can post them.

My good friend Daniel also picked up a 2015 Launch Edition STI. I’ve been trying to help him install a new turboback system from Nameless.

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