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Spring Season Is Detailing Season!

Spring Detailing is Here!

With the kick start of the Spring season finally here, I’m sure everyone is having fun driving their cars or working on DIY projects in the garage. I’m curious to know what is the first thing everyone did when the weather hit fifty degrees? For the people that do not know, I live in New York where the winter was brutally cold and the snow did a number on the roads making it difficult to drive. Did you remove the car cover, gave it a nice wash and detail, or went on a “spirited” drive?

One of the first things I will do this weekend is give it a nice wash and if time permits, a good clay bar session. Every time I went for a drive, the snow and salt would mess up the clean look or the pigeons are target practicing on the spoiler.

I recently bought some more Meguir’s cleaning agents, microfiber towels, and sonax wheel cleaners. What products and tools are you using to clean your car? Please comment below with some pictures and links to what works well and what doesn’t. Thank you.


– Harry