Perrin Exhaust Hangers

After having the TurboXS Exhaust system installed last year, my friends noticed that the exhaust tips would constantly bounce up and down when they followed me. I didn’t care too much at first until the car started to make a squeaking rattle sound from the rear a few months after installation.

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I decided to bring the car to my friend’s shop in Brooklyn called SLK Auto to take a look at the under carriage. In preparation for any changes, I decided to pick up a set of Perrin Exhaust Hangers which are higher in durability rating without any additional NVH than the OEM hangers and they come in red. I would have gone with Kartboy hangers as well but I am a sucker for RED!

OEM vs Perrin
OEM vs Perrin

As you can see from the picture above, the design of the OEM vs Perrin are similar in style. Where they differ, is the construction and stiffness of the hanger. Over time, rubber breaks down and increases the amount of exhaust system movement. This excessive movement can damage the exhaust system as well as allow the hot tip to contact the bumper.

The PERRIN Polyurethane hangers are made from a special blend of polyurethane to withstand the temperature of high performance exhaust systems. In all kinds of conditions, from hot runs on a dyno, to freezing winter temps, the PERRIN exhaust hangers will outlast and outperform the stock hangers.

Durometer rated at 75A

The stock rubber hangers are rated at a low durometer hardness of 55a. PERRIN hangers are rated at 75a to keep your exhaust under control with no additional NVH. If you squeeze the OEM rubber hanger, you can tell it is pretty soft. Once you squeeze on the Perrin hanger, automatically you can tell it is much more durable and stiff.

Another great feature about Perrin is that they offer a five year warranty on all of their products. What more can you ask for?!

For the install, you’ll need the following items:

5 x hangers

1 Flat head screw driver

WD40 (Optional)


You can perform this install on jack stands or a lift. The same instructions apply when installing the exhaust system. Undo each exhaust from the hanger and use the flat head screw driver to wedge out each oem hanger. If they become stubborn, spray some WD40 and try again. The new Perrin hangers have been on the car for about nine months now and the exhaust tips no longer bounce or produce any noise. I am very happy with the new setup!!


If you are in the Brooklyn, NY area and would like more information about SLK Auto, click on Yelp link below. Ask for Tom!



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